Managing leads from multiple websites can be complex and frustrating, especially when each site uses different technologies and integrations with Salesforce. This challenge is daunting for enterprises that operate numerous sites concurrently which leads to a tangled web of disparate systems that drain valuable time, resources, and budget. This post proposes a solution to streamline the lead management process and achieve seamless integration with Salesforce, regardless of the website technology used.

The Wish List

Before proposing the solution, let's up the ante by saying we also want the latest enterprise features. Let's make this a real challenge! The stated requirements are:

  • Salesforce integration must be identical across all website technologies 
  • Websites can be pointed at one or more Salesforce instances that have the same Salesforce App
  • Must handle complex web forms built with any web technology
  • Web forms can be mapped to Salesforce leads, contacts, or any other object
  • Form submissions don't create duplicates in Salesforce - resubmitters cause record updates
  • Must push website visitor behavior to Salesforce to provide sales and support intelligence
  • Must provide reportable data in Salesforce e.g. list hot leads based on pages visited
  • Must support dual-mode personalization
    • Mode A: The website can self-personalize visitor content based on their behavior to date
    • Mode B:  Website personalization is overridden by the values of nominated fields in Salesforce
  • Must create in-page or popup messages for returning visitors, driven from Salesforce
  • Must be easy to transfer the integration to another site without data loss 
  • Must be cost-effective and represent real value

Further, the solution must use existing and widely known technologies and not require third-party databases or systems that introduce unwanted complexity i.e. the solution must be simple yet very effective.

The Solution

This level of incredible flexibility requires some clever thinking. Send2CRM leverages what FuseIT has learned about website-to-Salesforce integration in the last 12 years. The resulting integration is an architecturally clean solution that uses website scripts to communicate directly with Salesforce while circumventing traffic volume challenges. 

Send2CRM captures website leads and pushes the form values and visitor behavior to their Salesforce record - this is part of our DNA so we built that in! Send2CRM can also personalize the site from Salesforce. Empowering your Salesforce team to customize website content not only enhances customer experience but also drives increased sales. Send2CMS turns the wish list into a fait accompli.


As a trusted partner to numerous Fortune 500 companies, we know firsthand how integration complexity can quickly become a delicate balancing act that keeps IT teams up at night. Send2CRM breaks the mold by replacing existing complexity with an easy-to-use integration that works with any web technology. It can be quickly deployed to any web platform. If you have HubSpot, Magento, Adobe, Sitecore, Contentful, Joomla, WordPress, or anything else, Send2CRM will seamlessly integrate with your existing web technology, providing a simple and effective solution for your CRM needs. With Send2CRM, you can streamline your workflow and optimize your sales process, all while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs. Say goodbye to IT complexity and try Send2CRM today.


FuseIT specializes in CRM integration. Our enterprise Send2CRM, S4S Cloud, S4S, CDP4S, S4D, and CDP4D integrations enable the real-time exchange of data between web technologies and Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of these in action.


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