Sitecore has powerful features to ensure visitors stay on your site. Real-time personalization delivers targeted content, A/B testing makes sure your content is highly tuned for maximum engagement, and advanced web forms to name a few.

Marketing has control over these features but after the visitor submits a call to action, their job is done and the skills of a proficient salesperson are required to convert the lead to a paying customer.

The sales team works out of a CRM and interacts with individuals one-to-one. They need to show empathy, focus, professionalism, and knowledge during sales conversations. This can be a challenge if the range of products or services is large and/or complex. It would be useful for them to foresee the customer’s budget, authority, needs, and timeline (BANT). Knowledge and preparation are essential prior to a sales call and Sitecore analytics can play a big part in this.

So how do we inspire the sales team with confidence? Sitecore closely tracks the browsing activities of website visitors. Engagement values and goals can be assigned to each visitor when they view or interact with predetermined web components. This is the intelligence that Sitecore personalization uses to determine what will be shown next to the visitor, but it is equally valuable to the sales team. Consider how important the following information would be prior to a sales call:

  • What was the visitor’s level of interest in the product?
    • Over a period of time, how often did they return to the website?
    • What search phrase did they enter?
    • How many times did they view the product page?
    • Did they compare products or toggle between two or more products?
    • How long did they stay on key pages?
    • What did they not see – like upsell features or warranty extensions?
  • What else were they interested in?
    • Which product categories did they view?
    • Which other product detail pages were viewed?
    • Did they view the About Us page?
    • Did they view financing option pages?
  • Website performance
    • How did they find you - the referral source?
    • What was the call to action (web form, email click-through, etc.)?
    • What journey led them to the call to action?

None of this intelligence can be gleaned from a web form submission yet it is clear that knowing this information will give the sales team a significant advantage. It provides powerful insights and generates confidence prior to a sales call.

How do you make this happen? FuseIT has been helping customers do this for years! For example, the S4S integration pushes Sitecore analytics, and form data to Salesforce leads and contacts when a visitor submits a web form (and keeps it updated). From within Salesforce, the sales team is presented with this intelligence which they use to significantly improve their close ratio.


FuseIT specializes in website-to-CRM integration. Our enterprise S4S Cloud, S4S, CDP4S, S4D, and CDP4D integrations enable the real-time exchange of form and personalization data between websites and Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us or more information or to see a demo of these in action.