Salesforce operators can now view live Sitecore website activity and see visitor behavior, even if the visitor is completely unknown. The S4S integration exposes the browsing intelligence collected by Sitecore in Salesforce in real-time. This provides sales or support call center operators with a range of new tools and intelligence previously unavailable.

Sitecore intelligence gathering and S4S

Sitecore automates the delivery of targeted content to each website visitor based on their previous and current behavior. Other factors, like the referral site and location, can also be used to personalize content. In general, the longer the visitor engages on the website, the more Sitecore learns and therefore can render even better content.


To be able to personalize content, Sitecore stores the behavioral profiles of visitors past and present. This allows returning visitors to be immediately shown personalized content without Sitecore needing to relearn their persona from scratch. 

The S4S integration makes each visitor's Sitecore browsing intelligence available in Salesforce, and it works for all visitor types, from an anonymous first-time newbie to an authenticated Sitecore portal user.

Where do I see the intelligence in Salesforce?

In several places! If the website visitor is a pre-existing lead or contact, the Sitecore behavioral intelligence is available in those records. If the visitor is not yet represented by a record in Salesforce, the information is available in the S4S Now tab which shows the current live website sessions and the real-time browsing intelligence gathered during each session.

What is this intelligence?

S4S makes almost everything Sitecore learns about each visitor during each visit and the aggregated data across all visits available in Salesforce. This includes:

  • Number of visits to the website
  • Average time on the website
  • Actual pages visited
  • Number of visits to each page
  • Sitecore goals achieved
  • Personalization pattern card matched
  • Geolocation of the visitor
  • Referral source
  • Industry
  • and more

This far exceeds the basic information the Salesforce operator receives when a website visitor completes a web form that submits the fields to Salesforce.

How do I benefit from the intelligence?

Let's consider how this intelligence helps prior to and during a sales or support call. The operator can:

  • Prioritize calls based on web activity
  • Quickly gauge the visitor's state of mind, engagement, level of knowledge, and possible budget
  • Research the visitor's specific interests and call with more confidence 
  • Discover other fringe interests for potential up-sell or cross-sell opportunities 
  • Determine the effectiveness of the marketing approach

What else can S4S do?

For all website visitors, anonymous or known, Salesforce operators can take charge of Sitecore and drive personalized content to assist their sales or support objectives. There are several ways the Sitecore web content can be switched from Salesforce.

  • Selecting a different Sitecore profile or profile keys in Salesforce will cause Sitecore to personalize the content that is linked to the new profile 
  • Changing the value of a Salesforce lead or contact field that has been mapped to a Sitecore facet will personalize the web content that is linked to the facet value 
  • Setting a redirect URL in Salesforce will immediately populate a link on the website. When the visitor clicks the link, they are directed to the URL location

These are powerful features for assisting and directing individuals to content during live phone or video calls. Further, the personalization is sticky and remains after the call has concluded and awaits the visitor's return to the website.


S4S introduces new ways to learn about and communicate with your customers and prospects. It is already being used by many Fortune 500 companies around the world to leverage their sales and support processes. If you want to learn more about the benefits and features of S4S please call us. We can run you through a demo in around an hour.