Your business has problems and you know where they are? You don't need a consultant to borrow your watch to tell you the time!

I recommend a holistic approach when examining a problem. Is the problem with a process step or the entire process itself? Classically, don't replace a car battery if the alternator is not charging! It's easy to be distracted by what is immediately in front of you. Keep stepping back until you see all the contributing factors to the problem. 

Step back

With business problems, you need to find those special people who understand the big picture and have the best interests of the business in mind. They should know the workflows and have the mandate or authority to replace entire processes if necessary. For software problems, keep going up the ladder until you find that invested someone - we call them a champion.

Have you ever been halfway through explaining a problem and magically discovered the answer? Maybe it only happens to extroverts but I've "self-solved" many problems by explaining them to anyone who will listen. Of course, you should always thank the listener for their valuable contribution.

Another technique that works for many, is to identify and solve problems early in the morning. People's thinking appears to progressively deteriorate during the day. A "eureka" moment at 11 p.m. is often following up with a, "What was I thinking" moment at 6 a.m. the following day. 

At FuseIT, we love identifying problems so much, we do it for free. We'd love the opportunity to work with your champion to clarify the problem that is hindering your business (the faulty alternator).

FuseIT does solutions too! In fact, we've worked with the very best. Why do they like to work with us? Maybe because of our refreshing approach!

  • Extreme expertise in niche spaces
    • Salesforce
    • Sitecore infrastructure
    • Sitecore version migration
    • Micro Focus Content Manager integration
  • Direct developer to developer interaction
    • No annoying "middle man" to negotiate and navigate through
  • Each technical ninja is skilled in all our niche technologies
  • Proven remote communication skills
  • Time zones work well for North American clients and perfect for 365/24/7 backup support for European clients

If your problem is constraining your business velocity, contact us or give us a call - a problem shared is a problem halved.