Almost every website includes a telephone number. It adds credibility and affirms that real people exist in the business. But what happens if someone actually rings the number! 

An operator may be asked questions like:

  • Can you tell me the price of your widget?
  • How does your widget work?
  • Do you ship to my town?
  • What are your payment terms? 

Phone calls usually require the operator to do the work of a web form i.e. collect the name, email address and add the caller to the sales pipeline in the CRM. FuseIT is focussing on improving this scenario by introducing new features to S4S, our Sitecore connector for Salesforce, in the near future.

Since the caller is still on the website, we have the opportunity to augment the sales conversation using the website as a visual assistant. During the phone conversation, a Salesforce operator can:

  • View Sitecore analytics to see what the caller has been doing on the website
  • Direct the caller to specific web pages or downloadable content
  • Personalize the website so the caller has a better experience during future visits
  • Create a new lead in Salesforce on behalf of the caller

But how will this be possible? The secret is to display the Sitecore web session details in Salesforce. But how do we know which session, out of potentially thousands, is the one that belongs to the caller? This is possible by displaying a unique number in the web page footer and surfacing this number in Salesforce along with the session details. When the caller discloses this number, the sales operator can find it in the list of current sessions. At this point, both operator and caller are connected by voice and web session which, from a sales perspective, is a very powerful combination. 

 S4S Now

Web augmented voice calls allow the operator to advance the sales conversation by actively remote controlling the website in real time. Example actions are:

  • Personalize web content to better match the caller's needs
  • Expose links to the caller so they can download important documents or images
  • Drive the caller to specific pages that may or may not be visible to other visitors

As the caller's interest increases, the operator can create a Salesforce lead rather than require the caller to complete a web form.

If your company receives telephone calls from prospects, it makes sense to add a visual dimension to the call. This will not only impress callers but substantially advance the sales process. 

So why is Sitecore so important? Sitecore websites collect valuable browsing analytics on website visitors. Using S4S, the analytics are made visible in Salesforce to reveal the visitor's state of mind. Everything they do, like future visits, inquisitive behavior, white paper downloads, and product purchases is valuable information the sales team need in the CRM.

Our niche expertise is developing this sort of functionality using Sitecore websites integrated to Salesforce CRM using S4S. To learn more about how to add value to your business in this way please contact us for more information.