Sales teams today are more responders than the intruders of the past. The limitless supply of Internet information makes it easy for buyers to progress themselves down the sales funnel. By the time they make contact with sales, many have virtually made up their mind to buy. It's not always easy going, sometimes the sales team is confronted with well-informed prospects who have researched the competition online, and ask very hard questions.

With so much web content marketing (and social media marketing) happening online, it is possible to capture buyer behavior and pass this valuable data to the sales team. Sitecore websites, for example, capture important sales intelligence (and much more):

  • Page events
  • Pages viewed
  • Profile values (assigning values based on web behavior)
  • Search keywords
  • Page Goals (assigned to notable activities)
  • Referrer
  • Session start and end date/times
  • IP Geolocation

Internally, Sitecore has many uses for this information, like personalizing content to individuals, scoring content popularity, tracking visitor paths etc. but let's not talk about that! This data is just as valuable in the CRM where the sales team can use it to make money.

To set the scene, your marketers have done their job, online prospects have submitted your web forms and new leads are appearing in Salesforce. Because you mapped your form fields and analytics to Salesforce with S4S, the Sitecore analytics are now available to the sales team in Salesforce lead records. What can we do with this intelligence?

Before making a sales call, preparation is paramount and Sitecore analytics can provide some powerful intelligence:

  • Which pages the buyer viewed on the website
  • What did they not see – like upsell features and warranty extensions!
  • The important tagged content they viewed (Sitecore goals)
  • The pre-existing pattern card that Sitecore aligned them with (via profile values)
  • What search keywords they used to find product information
  • Which product categories and product detail pages they viewed
  • How often they returned to the website
  • How long they stayed on the site
  • How they found you - the referral source
  • How they connected to you (web form, email click-through etc.)
  • What journey led them to the call to action

It's immediately clear how blind the sales team are without this information. This intelligence lets the sales team go into a sales call with a complete view of their prospect and the knowledge and confidence to upsell and cross-sell other products.

Sitecore inbound marketing is very powerful but the story does not end at marketing - you still need that salesperson to close the deal, and convert that lead into a customer.

To learn more about how to add value to your business in this way please contact us for more information.