Today we released an S4S version for Sitecore 10.2. This release fixes some minor bugs and enables support for the latest Salesforce API versions. The following are the key improvements: 

  • Updated the S4S Save Action to use SOSL (instead of a SOQL) if the fields to match are encrypted.
  • Added the ability to set mapping on an Sobject Id for updating a record
  • Corrected the processing of converted leads in S4SGenericSaveAction
  • Set the cache expiration type when cache duration is specified
  • SalesforceField: Map long field type to .NET long as a CLR type
  • BulkServiceWrapper: Log warnings returned by the API
  • Make the number of interactions that are synced by the bulk update process configurable

See more on our release notes page. Please contact us if you need a login to our download server.