FuseIT enterprise integrations improve operation efficiencies by automating the transfer of data between systems.

Salesforce to Micro Focus Content Manager Integration

Micro Focus Content Manager (“TRIM”) is very popular with enterprises and government agencies that also use Salesforce. Integrating Salesforce can significantly streamline their internal processes. From a Micro Focus perspective, integration ensures that customers will continue to use Content Manager for longer.

Our Salesforce T4S integration automates the filing process and removes complexity. The features allow customers to:

  • Save Salesforce attachments to TRIM
  • Save Salesforce records to TRIM as HTML documents
  • Create, update, view, and delete TRIM records from Salesforce
  • Link to TRIM records and metadata in Salesforce
  • Use multiple search options including predefined searches
  • Expose TRIM container records for viewing in Salesforce
  • Configure automated processes
  • Add unlimited metadata fields for containers and records
  • Pull metadata out of Salesforce fields

Please feel free to request a working demo.

Salesforce to Sitecore Integration

Our S4S integration has been moving data between Sitecore and Salesforce systems for many years. The most common use case is creating Salesforce leads from Sitecore web forms but S4S can do much more:

  • Sync the website behavior of visitors to Salesforce
  • Drive Sitecore personalization from Salesforce lead and contact records
  • From Salesforce, populate website links with any URL to enhance sales calls
  • Create a Sitecore portal and control the content from the visitor's Salesforce contact record
  • Pass customer information between Sitecore, Salesforce, and email automation systems like Marketing Cloud, Pardot, etc.

S4S Features

New S4S features are often requested by customers who have specific needs and these are often not relevant to other users. For example, a web form option forces S4S to create duplicate records in Salesforce (why would you!).

Other requested features are used by many other customers, for example, collecting all the submissions from a Sitecore web form in a Salesforce campaign.

We don’t know what you want until we see it – please let us know if you have ideas on how to improve S4S.

Did you Know?

S4S knows about Salesforce lead conversion so it does not try to recreate a lead that has previously been converted to a contact.

Proof of Concepts, Installations, and Upgrades

We are now supporting Sitecore 10.2 and continue to offer free S4S assistance to customers and partners. Please let us know if you need feedback or help.

If you just want to learn about S4S, our next global demo is on 25 January 2022 (US). You can register for this demo, or let us know if you need a personal demo at a better time.

S4S Support for Email Automation Systems

It seems everyone wants the “round trip” that pushes Sitecore form data and analytics to Salesforce leads then onto their email automation system (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, etc.). This allows email campaigns to be created based on Sitecore web behavior (and more).

The email automation system dispatches emails that contain links to a Sitecore landing page or email subscription preference page. Sitecore tracks the behavior of the arriving visitor and S4S pushes this data to Salesforce to complete the round trip.

Directing Visitors to Web Pages During Live Calls

Imagine you are speaking to a prospect or customer on a call. You need to show them a specific web page – perhaps a hidden page, Google route map, calendar page, or a download page. S4S Now enables sales and support teams to populate a dynamic link on the website. How does this work? Let us know if you want a personal demo.

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