S4S is an enterprise Sitecore to Salesforce integration that helps companies increase sales.


To get the best out of Sitecore, you should be personalizing web content to some degree. Sitecore personalizes to like-minded groups rather than individuals – so it’s not really personalization. The ability to personalize also wanes when the visitor is passed to the CRM as a lead. Crucially, the sales team has no control over the website during the important sales cycle.

An individualized website means every visitor has the potential to see different web content. S4S enables this by using the visitor’s data in Salesforce (and Sitecore) to create a better experience on the website. The emergence of individualization is driven by the:

  • Need for precise and granular personalization
  • Distrust of cookies and the rise of opt-in personal data collection
  • An abundance of data sources to drive the personalization

You can increase customer engagement by individualizing web content based on their data in Salesforce.

Did you Know?

Since version 9.3, Sitecore forms have had out-of-the-box file upload capabilities. The default file location is the Sitecore Experience Forms database but this can easily be changed. The S4S Mapping Wizard supports the mapping of the form file upload element to a Salesforce attachment. 

Free Installation and Upgrade Support?

We offer free S4S installation, upgrade, POC, and support sessions, to both Sitecore, Sitecore partners and customers. Let me know so we can agree on a meeting time.

If you want to learn more about S4S let us know if you need a personal demo

S4S Releases

Hot off the press is an S4S Release for Sitecore 10.1. This was a relatively easy update from Sitecore 10 Update 1 (aka Sitecore 10.0.1). We’ve noticed some key xDB code marked as obsolete meaning it will be removed by Sitecore in the next major release. This release is also likely to require a new Salesforce package to support the pending changes to Sitecore analytics.

Call Centre Support

A reminder about our favorite feature! S4S Now is for Salesforce sales and support teams who make outbound or receive inbound calls. Teams can view Sitecore web sessions, create leads and contacts from live calls, and direct callers to downloads, hidden pages, maps and calendar pages, and other websites. It adds a powerful visual dimension to sales conversations. Let us know if you want a walkthrough.

Micro Focus Content Manager Integration

Salesforce integration automates business processes and hides CM complexity by transacting documents from Salesforce. For example, T4S automatically files Salesforce attachments to CM making it essentially disappear for Salesforce users. Please feel free to request a working demo.

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