S4S is an enterprise Sitecore to Salesforce integration that helps companies increase sales.

What is New

The new S4S Sales Funnel Support package lets the sales team personalize each prospect’s Sitecore experience using the Salesforce opportunity stage field. This improves prospect engagement as they traverse down the sales funnel. It means Sitecore can now play an important role during the entire customer acquisition process, from initial awareness, purchasing, acquisition, retention, and finally support.

Did you Know?

S4S supports click-throughs in emails sent from automation platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, and more. The email clickthrough link contains a unique ID that enables S4S to identify the visitor and tie it to their lead or contact record in Salesforce.

This helps identify and link Sitecore visitors to Salesforce that have not previously submitted a web form. Once the link is established, S4S can automatically push the visitor’s Sitecore analytics to the right record in Salesforce. Alternatively, a Salesforce user can manually retrieve the visitor’s analytics and view it in their lead or contact record.

Installation and Upgrade Support?

Don’t do these the hard way! We offer free S4S installation, upgrade, and support sessions, to both customers and their Sitecore partners. Just let us know so we can schedule an online meeting to discuss your needs.

Alternatively, join our next global demo. You can register for this demo, or let us know if you need a personal demo at a better time.

S4S Releases

Our S4S release for Sitecore 10 has been out for a couple of months. We recently successfully tested this release against Sitecore 10 Update 1 (aka Sitecore 10.0.1).

Live Sitecore Web Sessions Visible in Salesforce

In case you missed the promo, S4S Now lets Salesforce sales and support teams view Sitecore web sessions, create leads and contacts from live calls, and direct callers to downloads, hidden pages, maps and calendar pages, and other websites.  It adds a powerful visual dimension to sales conversations. Let me know if you want a walkthrough.

Up Next

We’re very excited about S4S Now and keen to advance its capabilities. We’d love to chat with more salespeople to learn what would work for them. Do you know any! If so, please introduce them so they can tell us how we can improve this product.

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