FuseIT SFDC Explorer 3.16.21081.2 - Spring '21

Apex class and trigger version highlighting

Ideally, all apex classes and triggers within an org would be kept within the last 3 years releases (the last 9 API versions). The API version column will be colored to indicate how far behind a particular class or trigger is.

Export metadata packages from package builder

Added buttons to "Deploy Selected Files" package builder to export the selected metadata as a package. Either a complete zip or just the package.xml

Other changes 3.16

  • SFDCExplorer: Surface exceptions when listing Salesforce reports via a dialog.
  • The sObject metadata DataCache no longer internally stores unique mappings for field describes, relationships, or child relationships. These are still accessible via existing methods.
  • Complete update to Spring `21 (v51.0). Update the Bulk API XSD.
  • SFDCExplorer: Detect if there are metadata API version changes when building up a package to deploy
  • SFDCExplorer: double click to login as an SFDX CLI org.
  • SFDCExplorer: Context menu option to format a SOQL query in a debug log row.
  • SFDCExplorer: Improve Executed Units support for workflow and flow events.
  • Improve support for deploying Profile metadata
  • Salesforce MetadataServiceWrapper - Expose CreatePackageXmlAsString to create the package.xml for a collection of metadata paths and return it as a string.
  • SFDCExplorer: Expose the debug log request identifier in the logs view.
  • SFDCExplorer: Highlight Flow errors in the Apex log timeline
  • SFDCExplorer: Authenticate from serverId and URL in query string
  • Split out OAuth (RefreshToken) and JWT LoginDetails to dedicated objects. Added new SfdxLoginDetails for connection strings against the SFDX CLI.
  • Improve formatting of SalesforceResultException FailedSaveResults.
  • Support for metadata deployment of static resources
  • SalesforceIdKeyPrefix - Raise warnings if there is a keyprefix conflict for the current Salesforce user.
  • WSDL2Apex: Expand ability to search for missing XML Namespaces
  • Support for deploying Profile Metadata
  • SFDC Explorer: Improve error handling when there is a timeout retrieving the sObject metadata to populate the entity tree. Retry with reduced batch size from the detault 100 sObjects.
  • Weekly Data Export tooling - handle premature response stream termination. Improve logging status messages related to downloading data exports.
  • SFDCExplorer: Deploy Profile Metadata
  • SFDCExplorer: handle exceptions with checking test status via polling