Our CEO is off to Canberra on 17th - 18th September 2019 for a Digital Records & Information Management Criterion Conference. FuseIT is an event sponsor and Terry will host a round table on "CRM and Document Management: An example using Salesforce and TRIM". Of course TRIM is Micro Focus Content Manager and FuseIT help companies integrate it with Salesforce (and Sitecore).

Some of the integration benefits are: 

  • Make TRIM records available to more users via Salesforce (either unclassified or restricted via authentication) 
  • Enable TRIM access from outside your organization
  • Reduce record management complexity by using a simplified Salesforce interface
  • Automate basic filing processes e.g. customer email to Salesforce case to TRIM attachment handling
  • Retain working context so users stay in Salesforce remaining focused on the task at hand
  • Reduced user training – many users need to learn Salesforce only
  • Typically, less staff are required to do most processes

This is an opportunity to learn more about optimizing TRIM in these changing times. Please let us know by emailing kylie@fuseit.com if you need to set up some face to face time with Terry.