You can now see S4S demoed in the new Habitat demo website for Sitecore 9. If you are considering connecting Sitecore to Salesforce, and there are many reasons why you should, we are happy to run through the features in a friendly no-obligation demo.

Before making an integration decision it makes sense to:

  • Ask leading experts about your specific use cases
  • Learn what is possible with S4S, potentially solving problems you never knew you had
  • Determine where there may be challenges, like Salesforce API limits
  • Establish a connection with an expert team who can help, no matter what path you take 
  • Understand the cost of ownership, support, and savings that S4S can make

For existing customers, we encourage you to get a refresher or schedule a call to get new members of your team up-to-date with the latest version of S4S.

If you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud we can include a look at S4MC within the hour usually scheduled for an S4S demo.

To schedule a demo, or learn more about how to add value to your business with S4S please contact us for more information.