The roadmap outlines our intentions for S4S in the future. Before looking at the map, the following is a summary of what S4S can do now:

  • Out-of-the-box features include:
    • Map Sitecore forms (WFFM and Experience) to Salesforce
    • Push Sitecore xDB analytics to Salesforce leads and contacts
    • Update Sitecore xDB analytics from Salesforce to personalize web experience
    • Use Salesforce to store Sitecore membership, role and profile data so Salesforce contacts can log in to Sitecore to view secure web pages
  • At a more primitive level:
    • S4S lets Sitecore developers work with .NET strongly typed Salesforce objects. Data can be transacted with Salesforce in real time and in both directions
    • Data Exchange Framework support enables data replication between Salesforce and the Sitecore tree or xDB

There are three parts to the roadmap; intended, probable and possible features.

Intended (2018)

S4S Now: A range of features that engage website visitors using page controls that are driven from Salesforce in real time. The S4S Now control can be placed on any Sitecore page. Salesforce operators can show the following information in the web control.

  • Salesforce documents e.g. legal files and product images
  • Links other pages on the current site or other websites
  • Chat text
  • Switch to alternative content that better suits the needs of the visitor
  • Through the control, change xDB to personalize Sitecore via the visitor's experience across the whole website 

S4S Now optimizes communication with prospects who call the sales or support phone number.

S4S List Builder Extensions: Currently, the List Builder allows Salesforce campaigns and reports to be imported to Sitecore as a snapshot. We will add functionality to map the lists and regularly sync them so list membership changes in Salesforce will be reflected in Sitecore.

S4S Support for Sitecore 9: The S4S EXM version that supports Sitecore 8.2 will be upgraded to support Sitecore 9.  

Probable (2018 - 2019)

S4S Mapping Wizard Extensions: More features to support Sitecore Experience Forms:

  • Map to more than one Salesforce object
  • Map to different Salesforce record type
  • Support for selecting and uploading files from the form to Salesforce 

Possible (2019 and beyond)

S4S Chat Module: A module to connect Salesforce Chatter to Sitecore

Sitecore Email Emulation Control: A control for Salesforce operators to dialogue directly with Sitecore visitors

Experience Form Save Action to push Google Analytics to Salesforce: This will surface GA into Salesforce lead and contact records when a Sitecore form has been submitted

In the coming months, we are extending our Sitecore to Salesforce integration, S4S, to support these ideas and features. We are keen to hear of your ideas or use cases so we can create a better product.