Wow, stuff happens fast. As I was writing this, Sitecore announced they will soon be releasing phase one of their integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. How it differs from FuseIT's Sitecore to Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration (S4MC) remains to be seen however at face value it appears as though the two products are completely different.

Now, back to the original reason for this post... S4MC can now be purchased separately! Previously S4MC was only available by purchasing our S4S product.

S4MC works with Sitecore's Experience Forms and lets website administrators quickly spin up a web form without requiring programming skills. After the web form is published, website visitors who complete and submit the form have their details saved to a destination determined by a chosen Save Action. Usually, the data ends up in the Sitecore database but custom Save Actions can be provided that send it to other systems instead. In the case of S4MC, the destination is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Often the remote system (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) has fields that need to be mapped and populated from the equivalent fields in the Sitecore web form. A mapping wizard makes this easy and avoids the need for developer involvement.

At its core, S4MC is a clever mapping wizard with a matching Save Action to push the form field data to the Marketing Cloud API.

You can learn more about S4MC on our website