Sitecore Experience Forms let you quickly create web forms on your website. These forms are typically used for:   

  • Conference and event registrations
  • Information requests
  • Membership applications
  • Survey or feedback submissions
  • Setting communication preferences
  • Job applications

Having forms on your website is great, but how do you get that crucially important data into your CRM?  Our Sitecore to Salesforce integration, S4S, connects Sitecore 9 Experience Forms with Salesforce, enabling the data entered in any form to be seamlessly transferred to Salesforce. S4S includes a mapping wizard to make the set-up process very simple. The wizard can map a form to any Salesforce object and the related fields - the most common being to leads. 

Sitecore editors first create a new Sitecore Experience Form and assign it an S4S Save Action. Next, they open the S4S Mapping Wizard from the Sitecore Launchpad and map the form to Salesforce by selecting:

  1. Which Salesforce instance they want to map their data to
  2. A form owner in Salesforce so they can be notified by workflow when a form is submitted
  3. A Salesforce object, or custom object
  4. A matching field in Salesforce for each field in the form
  5. Which fields are required to match to cause an update rather than an insert
  6. A Salesforce campaign to add the visitor to if the form is mapped to a lead or contact
  7. If the Sitecore analytics should also be pushed to Salesforce (Salesforce leads and contacts only)

S4S provides a great deal of interesting web browsing data to the salesperson. This information improves their knowledge and confidence, both essential, before initiating a conversation with the lead or contact.