This is a new S4S release that introduces a Save Action that supports Sitecore’s ability to identify the same visitor arriving on the website from different devices. The IdentifyAndPushVisitor Save Action updates Salesforce leads and contacts with the Sitecore contact identifier. The Save Action helps reduce duplicates in Salesforce and adds integrity to the information collected.

Another key change is the S4S Sitecore analytics package in Salesforce is now a managed package so it will better support migrating analytics data in future upgrades. See more changes on our release notes page.

The new S4S Release 1.82.17163.1 is available from our download website. Please contact us if you do not have a login and need access.

Next Release

A number of new features are planned that include the ability to personalize Sitecore based on the status of Salesforce opportunities (pipelines) and a new mapping wizard will enable Salesforce lists to be rapidly exposed on the Sitecore website without requiring developer input.