The latest release of S4S for Sitecore 8.2 is now available in our download directory. Please contact us if you do not already have access.

There is one breaking change that will impact existing customers who use the S4S status page. The key changes and improvements are:

  • Upgrade to Winter '17 API (v38.0)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Added status page aspx file; changed status page to show details for all providers; remove public properties that returned hard coded values
  • FieldService - when checking if a field is updatable, check within the current Orgs namespace if defined.
  • MetadataServiceWrapper - Deployment support for triggers and installed packages
  • [cs29074] Handle common SalesforceSettingsSection missing ConfigurationException and just DEBUG log it. Will use default values in this case.
  • [cs29072] Cater records with an empty billing state
  • [cs29019] Changed paged SalesforceDataSource to bring back all available records
  • [cs28987] DEBUG if the SalesforceSession Singleton is changed or cleared.
  • [cs28981] Make the GetByEntityId ObjectType check case insensitive.
  • [cs28979] Fix getting a single sObject from the QueryResultPager.