S4S makes it very easy to surface your Salesforce campaign members in Sitecore as users. Clicking a checkbox in a Salesforce campaign record maps the campaign to a Sitecore role with the campaign members appearing as users in the role. The member information only exists in Salesforce but is available for use in Sitecore.

There are several reasons you might want to expose Salesforce leads and contacts in Sitecore in this way:

  • Add the Sitecore role members to the Opt-In role of an ECM email campaign. This is an easy way for marketers to send emails to Salesforce contacts and leads from Sitecore ECM. The S4S ECM module is available for more advanced email handling.
  • "Migrate" user data from Salesforce to Sitecore while retaining Salesforce as the single source of data.
  • Programmatically read and use Salesforce assigned campaign member attributes in Sitecore.
The exposure of Salesforce campaigns in Sitecore is read-only. Full bidirectional connectivitiy is available using the S4S Security connector which also maps Salesforce contacts and leads to Sitecore users.