We are very pleased to announce the latest major release of S4S ECM for Sitecore 6.6 to Sitecore 7.2. This software is a companion module to our popular S4S connector and implements Salesforce email automation in conjunction with Sitecore ECM.

Version 6.6.14226.1 adds a number of significant improvements over prior versions particularly releases for Sitecore 6.5.

  • Restructured temporary caching to use .NET providers. This dramatically improved the email dispatch times. 2000 emails now take around three minutes.
  • Improved campaign member fetch times from Salesforce to around four milliseconds per lead/contact.
  • Reduced the number of API calls to Salesforce.
  • Added improvements to the Sitecore scheduler.
  • Enabled the ECM scheduler to scan all Sitecore message folders.
  • Added multilingual support by adding a version for newly created Sitecore item under all available languages.

The next major release in September 2014, will support individual emails to be created in Salesforce and dispatched via a Sitecore automation plan selected by the user. Further, FuseIT will support MongoDB for Sitecore version 7.5. in the coming months.