After more than a year in the pipeline, FuseIT has finally released a mapping wizard to more easily map Sitecore-created forms to Salesforce objects.

Sitecore administrators first create a standard form with the required fields and the form save action set to “S4S Generic Mapping”. After saving the form, start the S4S Mapping wizard and select the form you want to set the mappings for from the left panel. You should only see forms that have the “S4S Generic Mapping” save action here.

It then takes a second or two to select the mapped objects fields from Salesforce. In the wizard:

  • Select the Salesforce object that you want to map to from the “Save to Salesforce Object” dropdown.
  • Select one of the fields from the list box below the “Save to Salesforce Object” dropdown.
  • Once the list item is selected, you can select the Salesforce field from the “Map to Salesforce Field” drop-down and then click the “Save Field” button.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the rest of the fields.

The fields should then be mapped.

The new functionality is encompassed in a Sitecore package that can be installed separately. It requires no modifications to Salesforce.