Our executive team use their collective industry experience to responsibly set the strategic direction of the company.

Terry Humphris

CEO and Director of Technology

As Chief Executive, Terry is largely responsible for the leadership and management of the company. Appointed as FuseIT CEO in 2009, Terry has held numerous leadership positions in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and London. His first involvement with FuseIT was in 2005 when his role was extending SureClose, the giant US-based real estate transaction management system. In 2008, he moved to Datacraft (NZ) and worked on the technical challenges associated with splitting Telecom New Zealand into three core businesses. Since becoming CEO Terry has been instrumental in implementing the current strategic plan that has the company experiencing customer growth and improved profits.

Terry has a Bachelor of Information Technology and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. He enjoys family life, robotics, motorcycling, and outdoor activities. See more about Terry at his LinkedIn profile, and how he thinks by reading his perspectives articles.


Terry Humphris

Deleece Plumpton

Director of Finance

Deleece is the major shareholder and a co-founder of FuseIT. She is responsible for Strategy, Risk Management, Finance, Administration and Human Resources. Deleece has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Griffith University in Brisbane.

A dual citizen of both New Zealand and Australia, Deleece grew up in Queensland. After several years working for benefits consultancies and money brokers in London, she immigrated permanently to New Zealand in the early '90s. Her career has spanned three countries and a range of administration, finance, human resource, and governance roles. Deleece is a people-oriented person who sees the big picture.

Deleece is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand. She is a member of the Board of Trustees at Nelson College and in life outside of FuseIT she is a foster mother and an advocate for vulnerable individuals and families. She enjoys her family and friends, provoking discussions, peace-making, reading, swimming and traveling. For further information see Deleece's Linkedin profile



Duane Franklet

Director of Operations

Originally from Texas, Duane joined FuseIT in 2008 and, since then, has made significant contributions to both operations and management. On the operations side, he leads the infrastructure team and is expert in all the technologies FuseIT works with. As part of the management team, his professional, systematic and organized approach adds structure and focus to the board.

Duane has completed a Master's program in literature and enjoys writing suspense fiction. He has been published by Simon & Schuster in the US and Gollanz in the UK. He is fluent in Spanish. For further information see his Linkedin profile.

Duane Franklet
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