WeBlog Install

Posted 16/11/2011 by DuaneFranklet

So we decided to switch from EviBlog to WeBlog on our Sitecore installation. The worry is that if you have a bunch of time invested in historical blog entries, will they be overwritten? Lost?

As always before installing a Sitecore package, take a backup. Nonetheless we were pleased to discover that the WeBlog package installs over the top and plays fair with the previous content.


In fact, aside from the message that the module installed, there was no indication that we had effectively shifted to WeBlog. We opened it up and were a bit unsure at first what we had. On further inspection we found additional items such as the Gravatar stuff under /sitecore/system/Modules/WeBlog. So we reckoned we were live.

And so it begins....

One gotcha so far, and I don't know whether this is because of our site config, because of the fact that we had EviBlog installed first, or just because it comes out of the box this way (unlikely), we found that we could not click on the links

 WeBlog Title link error

from the title of each blog entry, such as Salesforce Force.com Quick Access Menu above. We mistakenly figured this was attempting to link to a URL drawn from the Content tab "Display Name" field. Note that is does say "Is shown in the content editor," but still it took a bit of a play to get this figured out:

WeBlog Display Name

Changing the name here, say to WeBlogZ, does change what you see in the content editor. Nonetheless, the URL does not become WeBlogZ until you right click the blog entry item in the tree and choose Rename. Let's say you choose Rename to WeblogX. Then you'll see the URL change for the entry.

WeBlog URL

This is not transparent, as this URL name does not appear anywhere under the Content tab, plus it doesn't show up in the content editor. So you sort of have to "know" it. In our case we had been doing some renaming and we could not find the place affecting the URL until we stumbled back around to the Rename command a second time.

So now we're sorted.