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    Fun with Windows Server Backup

    Posted 19/08/2013 by duanefranklet
    The nature and capacity of our backups has been evolving, from incremental overnight tape backups to full nearline storage of complete VMs. We have many instances of Server 2008 R2, and thus I am coming to rely heavily on Windows Server Backup. Lately I have been creating a number of scheduled task calls to wbadmin. I have opted for scheduled tasks in order to have multiple WSB backups to a variety of remote UNC targets. The tasks will invoke full backup... Read more... Comments (0)
  • Salesforce - Managed Package Class Stuck In Version

    Posted 18/07/2013 by TerryHumphris

    Salesforce - Compile Error: Test methods must be in test classes on line 1360

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  • Migrating workflows to TFS 2012

    Posted 18/03/2013 by duanefranklet
    TFS 2010 to 2012 Gotchas Read more... Comments (0)
  • HP Logo

    Trim Buffer Size

    Posted 21/02/2013 by duanefranklet

    Receiving an error 413 from our callout to the TRIM service after accepting client certificates

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  • S4S

    S4S New Version Release

    Posted 15/02/2013 by terryhumphris

    Recent releases of S4S have introduced many new features.

    The major points are as follows:

    • S4S license keys have been removed from S4S.config and located in the same folder as the Sitecore license file
    • The S4S WFFM wizard, that allows Sitecore administrators to map WFFM fields to Salesforce, is now included in the basic install of S4S
    • Added support for users to map Last Password Change Date to Salesforce
    • Improved batch caching features
    • Improved mutli-role functionality
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    TFS 2012 Upgrade pt. 2

    Posted 19/12/2012 by duanefranklet

    Tips, tricks and traps on the journey to SQL 2012 TFS 2012

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  • Microsoft Certified Partner

    TFS 2012 Upgrade

    Posted 18/12/2012 by duanefranklet

    Tips, tricks and traps on the journey to SQL 2012 TFS 2012

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  • Sitecore

    WeBlog 22

    Posted 12/06/2012 by duanefranklet
    Today I installed the latest greatest WeBlog 2.2 module. Previously we had been using WeBlog 2.0. It was unclear to me if I would get an upgraded version of our current blog, or what exactly would happen when I installed the new module. Best I could see the documentation didn't have anything to say about upgrades. So what did happen is the module installed and our old blog broke. Darn it. But the thing about Sitecore is, the uninstall process is just painful enough - restore your S... Read more... Comments (0)
  • Sitecore

    Sitecore jQuery Content Slider

    Posted 7/06/2012 by TerryHumphris
    When we recently updated our website design it was decided that we also wanted a really cool image and content slider to go on the home page. I was given the task and told not to return until I found a solution that fulfilled the following requirements: It used jQuery for cross-browser compliance.Dynamically add as many slides as needed. Easy to change background images for each slide using the Sitecore Media Library. Full configu... Read more... Comments (0)
  • Sitecore

    Sitecore 6.5 and WFFM upgrade

    Posted 30/05/2012 by duanefranklet
    I am upgrading an existing Sitecore 6.4.1 site to 6.5, and along with the core upgrade, all the currently installed modules also need to be taken through the update cycle: ECM, WFFM, OMS. Here's one I couldn't find on Google, so I will catalog it here. Installing Web Forms for Marketers rev110530.update   I hit an install exception or critical error that stoped the update wizard cold. It looks like this: ... Read more... Comments (0)
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